Sometime this century, machines will surpass human levels of intelligence and ability. This event—the “intelligence explosion”—will be the most important event in our history, and navigating it wisely will be the most important thing we can ever do.

Luminaries from Alan Turing and I. J. Good to Bill Joy and Stephen Hawking have warned us about this. Why do I think Hawking and company are right, and what can we do about it?

Facing the Intelligence Explosion is my attempt to answer these questions.

  1. Mon histoire personnelle
  2. Du scepticisme à la rationalité technique
  3. Pourquoi Spock n’est pas rationnel
  4. Les lois de la pensée
  5. La rébellion du robot fou
  6. Not Built to Think About AI
  7. Jouer à Taboo avec “l’intelligence”
  8. La retraite de la superstition
  9. Veľa miesta nad nami
  10. Don’t Flinch Away
  11. No God to Save Us
  12. Value is Complex and Fragile
  13. Intelligence Explosion
  14. The AI Problem, with Solutions
  15. Engineering Utopia